Handbook of Sociology Sociology is a popular optional for UPSC Civil Services and State Services examinations as well as for the universities and colleges. As an optional subject for the civil services exam, it is generally opted by those aspirants who do not carry any background of sociology. There are dozens of books of sociology in the market but this book stands apart in the crowd of books mainly because of two reasons- It initiates a newcomer and makes him/her comfortable by providing the basic concepts, serving as foundation of the subject, in a simple and easy to understand language and secondly, it is absolutely exam oriented, written on the basis of analysis of questions of the past ten years. Beginning with the explanation of different types of societies and related concepts, it journeys through Research Methods, Kinship, Religion, Caste System, Tribal communities to Agrarian Social Structure and its Transforma, Population Dynamics and Challenges of Social Transformation in Indian Society, explaining the key used. The readers shall definitely find the book refreshing different Dr. Nadeem Hasnain, a well known social scientist, is a familiar name among the civil services aspirants. Formerly, Professor at Lucknow University, he has been Fulbright 'Scholar in Residence’ and Visiting Professor in USA, and Senior Fellow, Indian Council of Social Science Research. Some of his books such as Tribal India, Indian Society and Culture: Continuity and Change, and the recently published Indian Society: Themes and Social Issues are very popular among the civil services aspirants.

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