It had been author's wish for a long time to write general History of Ancient India suitable for students reading in our Secondary schools and colleges. They badly needed a book which might give them historical culture and at the same time meet the requirements of a public examination. No pains have been spared by author to make the narrative useful and interesting to the reader. It is not only the political events that have been described according to their importance but a full account has been provided of social and cultural conditions which constitute the background of political developments. Most books on Indian history are either too brief or too bulky and verbose. The result often is that the student is compelled to have recourse to cheap cram books which supply inaccurate information and kill all interest in historical studies. This is a catastrophe which all genuine lovers of history should endeavour to avoid. It is hoped that the students and teachers for whom the present book is primarily intended will read it with profit, and find in it within a resonable compass the salient facts of history treated with a fairness and fulness which we miss in other small histories.

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