Though the real subject of history is the political activity of man through the times, a mere chronicle of battles and sieges is no longer found interesting. The old method of dealing with this subject is likely to kill interest in its study. In this book, therefore an attempt has been made to widen the scope of the subject by dealing with the social and economic life of the country. 'A History of Modern India' dates from the rise of European settlements to the establishment of Independence in 1947. The object of this book is to give a general survey of events that unfolded during this period and throw light upon how they have influenced the final development and changed the direction of affairs in such a manner as to give a new shape to it. Dr. Ishwari Prasad was the Head of Department of at Allahabad University. He was also elected the Member of Legislative council from the graduate constituency for three terms continuously. He was conferred Padma Bhusan by the President of India for his contributions to History.

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