Public Relations is that branch of Journalism that deals with the activities connected with improving and assessing the relationship of an organisation or an individual with the public. Public Relations in today’s business represents an organised activity with due recognition of the ultimate authority of the Public Opinion. The basic purposes of a Public Relations Department are the establishment of and maintenance of goodwill. The more an organisation does to merit this goodwill, the easier the task of Public Relations Officer will be. When he invites public attention to his company or institution, governmental or otherwise, in connection with some attractive phase of activities or uses even a slogan to promote and catch public goodwill, avoiding policies, he seems to be open to criticism. The book is concerned with the principles which can serve as a guide to PRO’s in conducting their dealings with the public through different media—public hoardings, leaflets, newspapers, journals, the Radio, T.V. and Digital Media It gives a step by step guidance to the P.R.O.’s highlighting the psychological aspects of advertising activities. The book vividly elaborates the principles of policy for effective public relations in all the departments of an organisation. It also suggests concrete steps for the implementation of the policy and helps the PRO in different possible ways. The book covers the syllabuses of the Papers on Public Relations of the Indian Institute of Mass Communications and Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and of Journalism for Diploma/Post - graduate degrees of different universities. It also serves as a guide to any businessman thinking of advertising his products whatever the scale of his business.

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