This present book deals with the social and political philosophy in all its variegated aspects. It starts with an interesting discussion of the nature of philosophy, its impact on the thought and life of society and its contribution to the development of culture. It covers a detailed study of ideologies such as Democracy, Socialism, Fascism, Theocracy, Communism and Sarvodaya. Besides, it includes a discussion of the different methods of political action such as Constitutionalism, Revolution, Satyagraha, etc. It also brings out the evil effects of terrorism on political ideologies and process social development. The book elaborates the processes in which tradition, change and modernity interact. While discussing the concepts of political philosophy, the book covers an analysis of problems that thwart the development of democratic processes. It also deals with the subject of centralisation and decentralisation of power in context of different ideologies like Socialism, Fascism and Communalism. The problems connected with adult franchise vis-a-vis democratic institutions in society have been discussed in detail. It gives arguments for and against the concepts of communism and western socialism comparing their basic values. The book gives special attention to the concepts of Sarvodaya, Vedantic, Socialism, Classless Society, relation between individual and the State, bringing out ideas which keep a balance between them and help promote liberty, equality and fraternity. The book covers the syllabi prescribed in the Indian and State Civil Services Examination. It is of equal interest for the general reader and graduate and post-graduate students of philosophy, political science and sociology.

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