Theoretical Psychology The Meeting of East and West By A.C. Paranjpe Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada “. . . a penetrating analysis into the foundations of what is now called ‘psychology.’. . . I can recommend this book . . . without reservation.” -Yujro Ikemi, M.D., President of the Japanese Psychosomatic Society The intellectual traditions of East and West are distinct, yet both have produced theories of psychology that attempt to explain the complex workings of the human mind. To understand these diverse psychological concepts, it is necessary to sort out the meaning of psychology in different socio-cultural contexts, starting from the most fundamental thoughts on which they are based. With this objective in mind, A.C. Paranjpe has written Theoretical Psychology: The Meeting of East and West, a scholarly product of his personal bicultural experiences. In easily understood language, Paranjpe compares and contrasts the theoretical foundations of the psychology of consciousness and the self in the East and West. He identifies the dominant themes of these cultures and demonstrates how they have shaped their theories of psychology. The author gives an overview and his own critical evaluation of modern approaches to consciousness ranging from behaviorist to existentialist viewpoints. He offers a detailed and systematic account of the Yogic and Vedantic views of consciousness with a translation of the original Sanskrit technical terms into the nearest English equivalents. Theoretical Psychology: The Meaning of East and West, a unique treatment of the foundations of psychology, is essential reading for anyone in the field.

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