FOUNDATIONS OF BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH This is a book on scientific behavioral research. Above everything else, it aims to convey the exciting quality of research in general, and in the behavioral sciences and education in particular. A large portion of the book is focused on abstract conceptual and technical matters, but behind the discussion is the conviction that research is a deeply absorbing and vitally interesting business. To accomplish the major purpose of the book, to help students understand the fundamental nature of the scientific approach to problem solution, the book has four distinctive general features. First, it is a treatise on scientific research; it is limited to what is generally accepted as the scientific approach. Second the student is led to grasp the intimate and often difficult relations between a research problem and the design and methodology of its solution. Third, the content of much of the book is tied together with the notions of set, relation, and variance. Fourth, a good bit of the book's discussion is slanted toward psychological and educational research problems. In sum, while this is a book on the intellectual and technical foundations of scientific behavioral research in general, it emphasizes psychological and educational problems and examples, while not ignoring other behavioral disciplines.v

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