Pefforts have been made to keep the language simple and jargon free. Concepts used have been clarified to avoid confusion. One important feature of the boopulation explosion almost everywhere is dislocating every planned activity and slowing down the whole development process. Hence, demographic studies have assumed great importance not only in India but all one the world. The present 40 Chapter Volume has broadly been divided into three parts. Its Part 1 deals with Fundamentals of Demography which practically covers half the volume. It is in this part that basic principles of the subject under study have been discussed. Chapters 1 to 4 deal with background; relationship with other disciplines and some basic concepts, which are commonly used in its study and need clarification. Chapters 5 and 6 are devoted methods and sources of data collection and census operation respectively. Chapters 7 to 9 deal with fertility, fertility rate and mortality respectively. Theories of population have been covered in chapters 10 to 13. Other topics which have been covered in this part, from chapter 14 onwards, include population and economic development; population projection; migration; distribution of population; urbanisation; population structure and lastly work force. In Part II of the volume 6 countries have been picked up for population studies namely; erstwhile U.S.S.R; the U.S.A; Japan; Sri Lanka; Great Britain and China. Chapter 21 of the book is devoted to World Population Studies. Part III of the book is devoted to Population Studies in India. It has as many as 13 chapters. The topics covered in this part include background of population studies in India; population growth in the country, its composition; age at marriage; widow remarriage; birth, fertility, mortality rates and migration in India. Last chapter of the book exclusively deals with census. Throughout the volume ok is that it has more than 200 tables. The Present Edition has been thoroughly revised and to the extent possible the latest information on the Subject has been included. Dr. Hansraj, a retired Director and twice Senior Fellow of Indian Council of Social Research, New Delhi is a well known Writer. He has written quite a large number of books on social Science subjects, which have been well received all over. He is life member of several academic bodies of national and international repute. He has attended and participated in large number of academic conferences and seminars. He has directed and completed several research projects in Social Science.

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