Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography, My Experiments with Truth, covering his life from early childhood through to 1921, has been designated as one of the “100 Best Spritual Books of the 20th century ” by a committee of global spiritual and religions authorities. Written originally in Gujarati and translated by Mahadev Desai, Gandhi has made it clear that the purpose of his story in just to narrate his experiments with truth in his life. Through this book he also wishes to narrate his spiritual and moral experiments rather than political. This critical study exposes our university students to the Mahatma's thought processes, his philosophy as well as his public campaigns. It has been thoroughly analysed and studied from the point of view of examinations and a number of critical and textual problems arising therefrom have been tackled. Shakti Batra has been Vice-Principal, Dyal Singh College (University of Delhi). He has also taught at the Kabul University and the International university of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek as well as students from the Tibetan Public Service Commission, Dharamsala, and Kiynshu University, Japan.

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