Many changes have taken place in international relations since 1993 when first edition of this book was published. As against twenty-two chapters in the first edition, thirty-two in the second edition (2001), thirty-five chapters in third edition (2004), thirty-six chapters in fourth edition (2012) and this fifth edition has thirty-seven chapters. This fifth edition also includes a new chapter on Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy. The book also contains chapters on contemporary topics such as environment, globalization, international terrorism and human rights. Besides, all the existing chapters have been revised and updated in the light of the latest developments. In the last 100 years of international relations there were two major turning points; one after the Second World War (1945) and another after the end of the Cold War (1991). The present work covers the events of both post-World War II period and post-Cold War era of contemporary international relations. The first fourteen chapters relate to theoretical aspects of international relations. The subsequent twenty-three chapters deal with practical international relations that were maintained at international level from 1945 to this day. More than 72 years of India's foreign policy has been condensed in to two separate chapters for the convenience of the readers. This book will be very useful for students and teachers of International Relations, Political Science, History, Diplomacy and International Organization. It will be equally helpful to the candidates preparing for various competitive exams such as IAS, IPS and central services. Dr. Vinay Kumar Malhotra; B.A. (Honours.), M. A. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D.; 29 years teaching and research experience; 9 years administrative experience; 20 books mostly on international relations, 28 papers and 8 book-reviews published; Life member of IAAS, IACS, IPSA, IACIS-Hyderabad, ILI-New Delhi, IIPA-New Delhi; several national and international seminars and conferences attended; completed collaborative research works with American, Canadian, Russian and Hungarian Professors. Dr. Malhotra has worked for a full semester at the Dept. of Political Science, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Budapest, Hungary in 1998. As Guest Research Fellow, he completed research projects at Copenhagen Peace Research Institute (COPRI), Denmark in 1999 and 2001. With Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute's Faculty Research Fellowship he conducted and completed another research project in Canada in 2001. He participated in Seminars at Norwegian Nobel Institute, Oslo, Norway and University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. As widely traveled person, he has also visited Austria, England, France and Sweden for academic and research missions. He was President of the Indian Association for American Studies (IAAS) during 2000-01. He was also member of the Executive Council and Governing Council of the Indo-American Centre for International Studies, Hyderabad during 2000-03. Dr. Malhotra is a former Principal of Markanda National College, Shahabad-Markanda (Haryana). Previously, he taught for 29 years at Post-graduate Dept. Of Political Science, Gandhi Memorial National College (Kurukshetra University), Ambala Cantonment. The University College of the Cariboo, Kamloops, BC, Canada has given him the status of affiliate and visiting Professor.

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