or many centuries the West has been drawn to, involved in and fascinated by the Fulture, religion resources and politics of the eastern half of Asia which may conveniently be called the Far East. The story of the Western attempt to penetrate into the main land of China and Japan, the two major Far Eastern Countries, represents a protracted struggle between the Orient and the Occident. These two countries in the Far East, which remained hermetically sealed from the outside world for several centuries ultimately had to give way to the West and embrace Western ideas and ideologies. All these things came into being in quick succession with the opening of the 20th century. The traditional vanity of the 'Old Kingdom' quickly vanished with its response to the Western World. The expansion of the Western Civilization in all its aspects and the impact of the West upon this part of Asia was highly conspicuous in a sense that it ushered in a new era in the Far Fast. The Western ideologies of 'Democracy' and 'Communism' which were quite alien to the Asiatic people, gradually gained ground in most part of the Far East. The traditional political enslavement gave way to Western liberalism. Though the response of Asia to the Western impact was at first 'faltering, uneven and unchartered' yet by the end of the Second World War it gathered an irresistible momentum. The people of Eastern Asia, so far accustomed to the tyranny of the Oriental autocracy, rose to their feet with a cry for grant of rights and political freedom. This kind of revolutionary ideas gained greater momentum in Eastern Asia, popularly known as the Far East, where there was a general revolt against traditional rule. Chaos and political pendimonium prevailed until things turned in favour of the revolting mass. The story of the Far East in Modern Times mainly revolves round the penetration of the West into the Eastern Asia and the effective response of the latter to the impact of the farmer. The study of the Far East in Modern Times is so vast in space and time and the events are so intractably intertwined in their historical development that it needs a mastermind for clear comprehension. The works on the subject available so far are hardly intelligible to most of the students of our universities. This book would go a great way to deliver things in an intelligible manner and, thus, would be able to cater to the needs of the students especially of Indian Universities.

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