The author's personal experience of Indian jails and his interview of criminals in jails during emergency in India, have been the motivating factors at the root of the present brief discussion of Criminology and Penology in Indian context. The present book covers the syllabi of the papers Criminology and Penology and other papers with different titles in M.A. Sociology and Social Work course examinations of Indian universities. It deals with the definition, scope, nature, fields and methods of Criminology and its relation with other sciences. lt explains the general principles involved in social relationships, causative factors, social control and important social problems of the criminals and convicts. The subject-matter in the present book has been organized with a view to make every point clear to the reader. Thus each topic has been split up into sub-topics, sub-topics into points and points into sub-points so that the reader may clearly understand the fundamentals. To avoid confusion each point has been dealt with in a separate paragraph. The author has attempted to avoid all unnecessary technical language and to make the subject easy to understand. In the matters of discussions the author's view everywhere has been comprehensive, integral and synthetic. While discussing different views care has been taken to underline their value along with presenting their criticism. Everywhere examples have been drawn from Indian life. Besides, serving as a good textbook for examination purposes, the present book may also help the reader to understood and solve the practical social problems concerning jails, crime and juvenile delinquency, and correctional institutions. The author hopes that the present book may be not only useful to the post-graduate sociology students of Indian universities but also to their teachers as well. It may also be useful to the social worker among ex-criminals. If these hopes are fulfilled to some extent the author’s efforts will be amply rewarded.

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