Later Medieval India is a Companion volume to the author's Early Medieval India, and brings the history of our land to the year 1761. Here the treatment is more topical than chronological. The first four chapters deal with the foundation of Timurid rule in India and the struggle against the Afghans. It has ben considered more expedient to deal with the military and political achievements of the Surs and their place in Indian History in a single chapter. Chapters V-XII take up the story of expansion of the empire under Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan and Aurangzeb. They deal mostly with military and diplomatic history except that Chapter V introduces this section by general remarks on the nature and character of Mughal imperialism. Similarly, Chapter XIII to XIX introduces the section on disintegration by briefly reviewing the various forces of disintegration and their general characteristics. Chapters XX to XXV deal with political institutions, both civil and military of the Mughals and the Marathas and provide a comparative perspective. Finally, Chapters XXVI to XXVIII provide a broad review of social and cultural life of the classes and the masses. Chapter XXIX concludes this survey of Later Medieval India by giving a general estimate of principal men and movements of this age. For each chapter or group of chapters, some further readings have been suggested with specific reference to relevant chapters wherever possible. It also contains nine specially drawn maps and a brief index.

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