Modern world is fully conscious of the fact that modem wars are no longer confined to the borders of the countries which initiate wars to settle their disputes and outstanding issues. Instead of meeting at a round-table conference and discussing in an atmosphere of cordiality, goodwill and spirit of give and take. With the advancement of science and art of war, all countries today have to resort to multi-sided modernisation measures in order to achieve higher mechanisation, greater mobility, more fire power, an efficient surveillance system, sophisticated communications and effective command and control arrangements. In order to meet the requirements of making the youth of the country function with the modern fighting machine, our educational authorities have taken the appropriate step of introducing 'Defence Studies' or 'Military Science' in the curriculum of B.A. Examination of most of the universities. The syllabus for each part has been dealt with in a separate book. This book deals with the peculiar nature of modern wars, principles of war, elements of strategy and tactics and political and military lessons learnt from our wars with China and Pakistan.

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