1001 Questions Answered About Earth Science Richard M. Pearl Our Planet Earth is man's original and only home, and the platform from which he must take off for worlds beyond. Its past is fascinating, its present diverse, its future intriguing. This book discusses, in handy question-and-answer form, the science of the earth. Volcanoes and mountains, streams and glaciers, earthquakes and landscapes, ancient lands and seas, the work of the wind and underground water–these and other physical features of the globe are clearly explained. Every essential aspect of the interior and exterior of the earth is included. The strange plants and animals of two billion years are described, culminating in those of the Great Ice Age. An extensive index and a classified bibliography are included. Richard M. Pearl is Professor of Geology at Colorado College. He is the author of 1001 Questions Answered About the Mineral Kingdom, How to Know the Minerals and Rocks, etc.





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