This book, an introduction to earth science, deals with the origin and history of the earth , the home of Man; with the composition and origin of the minerals and rocks which build its solid crust; and with the processes, internal and external, which have shaped it. After introductory chapters on general topics and the composition of the earth’s crust, facts and speculations regarding the nature of the interior of the earth and volcanoes are discussed. Then follow chapters on the geological work of rivers, wind, glaciers, the sea, and living creatures, including the constructive and destructive work of Man, and the pressing problem of erosion and ‘dust bowls’. Next, the effects of earth movements and earthquakes are described, followed by a treatment of geology as a historical record of life upon the earth, culminating in the appearance of Man. Finally, such topics as the origin of mountains, continental drift, radioactivity and the age of the earth are treated.





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