Globalization, liberalization and privatization are making the world borderless. Nevertheless, spatiality continues to play vital role in the international scenario that is emerging. The theoretical implications of ‘Political Geography’ and Geopolitics are, thus more relevant today than ever before. This book contains fifteen chapters and two Appendix as follows : 1. Definitions of Political Geography and its relation to Geopolitics and other social sciences. 2. The Nature and Scope of Political Geography. 3. Historical Development of Political Geography. 4. Two Global Strategic Views : Theories of Heartland and Rimland. 5 The State : Definition, Development and Classification. 6. Federal System in Political Geography. 7. Spatial Factors in Political Geography. 8. Physical Elements of Political Geography. 9. Economic Elements of Political Geography. 10. Human Elements of Political Geography. 11. Electoral Studies in Political Geography. 12. Core Area, Ecumene and Capital City. 13. International Boundaries: Nature and Functions. 14. Classification of International Boundaries. 15. Maritime Boundaries and Territorial Waters. Appendix one covers State : Their Areas, Population and Capital Cities and Second appendix cover Area and Population of States and Union Territories of India. There are in total sixteen Maps and Diagrams for better understanding for the students. It is earnestly hoped that the present edition of the book will fulfil the requirement of students, offering Political Geography in under- graduate and Postgraduate classes and appearing at various competitive examinations, namely, I.A.S., P.C.S., and U.G.C. NET.





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