The science of Oceanography deals with the three dimensional oceans. Since the advent of the International Geophysical Year, it has become a study of international nature and responsibility. The modern methods of oceanographical researches are highly technical and mathematical. Hence the present study of oceans is made in a non-technical language for students of Geography in particular and of Oceanography. This book on Oceanography for Geographers have seventeen chapters which contains 1. Definition and Scope of Oceanography 2. Land and Water Hemisphere 3. The Depth of Oceans 4. Submarine Canyons 5. Bottom Relief of the Oceans 6. Oceans Deposits 7. Coral Reefs and Islands 8. Temperature of the Oceans 9. Salinity in Oceans 10. Density of Sea Water 11. Dynamics of Ocean Water 12. Tides and Tidal Waves 13. Dynamics of Oceans Currents 14. Currents of Atlantic Ocean 15. Currents of Pacific Ocean 16. Currents of Indian Ocean and other Seas 17. Man and Oceans. This edition of Oceanography for Geographers has been designed to meet the needs of students of graduate, postgraduate and also to those preparing for competitive examinations. Every aspect has adequately dealt with, and various approaches have been taken into consideration. It is hope that the student will find this edition to be most helpful from the point view of examinations.





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